Our Faculty

Dr. Thomas Schmittgen Professor and Chair
Dr. Hartmut Derendorf Emeritus Professor
Dr. Guenther Hochhaus Assistant Director of Education and Professor
Dr. Lawrence J. Lesko Emeritus Professor
Dr. Stephan Schmidt  Associate Professor and Center Director
Dr. Valvanera Vozmediano  Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarah Kim  Assistant Professor
Dr. Rodrigo Cristofoletti Assistant Professor
Dr. Mark Rogge, Research Professor
Dr. Richard Lalonde, Courtesy Associate Professor
Dr. Zhoumeng Lin, Associate Professor

Our Staff

Mrs. Milena Ozimek, Administrative Assistant

Post-Doctoral Associates

Dr. Juan Francisco Morales
Dr. Soyoung Kim
Dr. Michelle Pressly
Dr. Leyanis Rodriguez Vera
Dr. Vijay Siripuram
Dr. Meenakshi Srinivasan
Dr. Lais Wright
Dr. Estevan Zimmermann

Pre-Doctoral Candidates

Mr. Brian Cicali, M.S.
Ms. Yesenia Franko, Pharm.D.
Ms. Chaejin Kim, M.S.
Ms. Saima Subhani, M.S.
Mr. Mohammed Almoslem, M.S
Ms. Huili Chen. M.S.
Ms. Dain Chun, M.S.
Ms. Mai Abdelmageed, M.S.